Blue Heron Nature Trail

321 Bailey Road, Ridgeland

I-95 Exit 21, South Carolina

843- 726-7611

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If it’s time for a little stretch for you or the kids, here’s a 1/2 mile loop around a pond constructed of lumpy recycled tires with a swing, a fountain and an observation platform.

The 3-acre lake is home for fish, turtles, ducks, wading herons and alligators up to 4’ long. Seasonally, you should come across butterflies which are attracted to flowers chosen to entice them. There are feeders to attract birds, and food dispensers on the banks of the pond to tempt ducks and turtles.

The trail is FREE and is lighted to be enjoyed any time. If you arrive Mon-Fri 9-1, visit the log cabin at the end of the trail, which has one room of flora and wildlife exhibits (alligator, bobcat, fox, beaver, feral hog head, beehive)and a clean bathroom.