Christ Church

118 N. Washington Street, Alexandria

I-95 Exit 177B, Virginia

www.historicchristchurch. org

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This church’s (1767) fame rests on the fact that both George Washington and Robert E. Lee worshiped here. In the front left, notice Washington’s pew (#60) - the only one remaining in its original double configuration. Confederate Gen.Robert E. Lee(# 46 on the right) was married to Washington’s
step-great granddaughter, Mary Custis.

Regular congregants refer to the chapel’s geography as the Lee side or the Washington side. Notice an original boot scraper outside the door (Washington side). Perhaps one of these gentlemen used it.

During the Civil War, Col. Orlando Willcox of the Union Army wrote of Washington’s connection to the church, “There I could almost feel his imposing presence...”.

It is a tradition for each President of the US to visit here at some point during his administration, usually on a Sunday near Washington’s birthday (Feb 22). Tours are given.