Jose Marti Park

362 SW 4th Street, Miami

I-95 Exit 1B, Florida


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This area underneath I-95 was one of dozens of Indian camps circa 400 A.D. Excavations in 1982 unearthed pottery shards, shell tools, projectile points and an Indian woman’s grave. For 2 months in 1980 this was “tent city”, housing 4,000 Cuban political refugees who fled Cuba during the Mariel boat lift.

In 1984 it was turned into this breezy river park named after a Cuban Independence hero and poet. You can relax on benches and gaze at the Miami high rises, watch the fishing boats or use the picnic or chess/checkers tables. Kids will enjoy the big playground, and there’s a public pool where you can swim for $3 for adults, $1 kids.