Maine State House

State Street, Augusta

I-95 Exit 109, Maine


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Maine became a state in 1820, and this building was constructed in stages from 1829 to 1831. That’s the Lady of Wisdom standing on top of the dome.

There’s a Hall of Flags in the center of the 2nd floor. A copy of the Liberty Bell sits inside, with the same dimensions, weight and even an aged oak yoke - the famous crack is indicated.

Learn the fascinating story behind the statue of Samantha Smith, a young girl who wrote to the Soviet Premier.

Besides the 35 members of the Senate and 151 members of the House, they have 2 nonvoting Tribal representatives.

There’s a tunnel that leads to a cold war fallout shelter, large enough to house the Maine Senate, House and more. It has been fully stocked since then. 

Monday-Friday guided tours: 9,10,11, noon.