Minute Man National Historic Park

174 Liberty St, Concord

I-95 Exit 30, Massachusetts


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Minute Man Statue: This famous statue represents the citizen-soldier: a farmer who has his left hand on his plow and his right hand on his musket in order to defend his land and liberty. He was ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Though the statue is supposed to be any farmer, when local Concord man Daniel Chester French
was planning the statue he made sketches of some of the descendants of Isaac Davis of Acton, who was one of the few killed at the Old North Bridge.

This statue became the logo for the National Guard, and is the one you see on the 2000 "Massachusetts” quarter. It is also on US Savings Bonds and was on War Bonds during WWII.

French won a contest to design a monument for the 100th anniversary of the battle (in 1875). In a historical twist, Civil War cannons were melted down to cast the bronze statue. French later created many other pieces of art, including Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. You can see it off an I-95 Exit. 

Park grounds are open sunrise to sunset.