St. John’s Church

2401 E. Broad Street, Richmond

I-95 Exit 74C, Virginia


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Did He Get Liberty or Death? We know the famous words “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”, which were uttered by Patrick Henry and lit the fires of revolution in 1775.

St. John’s Church in Richmond was the site of the clandestine 2nd Virginia Convention, where he called his comrades (Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, Edmund Pendelton, Peyton Randolph, George Washington, George Wythe and others) to arms in a rousing speech.

Re-enactments of the convention are held on Sundays at 2 pm (tickets at 1 pm) from Memorial Day to Labor Day (FREE).

Buried in the graveyard are one signer of the Declaration of Independence, George Wythe, and Edgar Allen Poe’s mom, Elizabeth Arnold Poe.

So, did Patrick Henry get liberty or death?  Mon-Sat 10-3:30, Sun 12-3:30.

Answer : Liberty