The Sculpture Mile

136 Sampson Rock Drive, Madison

I-95 Exit 61, Connecticut

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The Sculpture Mile at Madison – Here’s a great way to escape the car by going on a sculpture treasure hunt. Madison has decided to revive Florence Medici’s tradition of placing current art amidst everyday commercial activity, so they placed 23 sculptures in a supermarket plaza.

The artists will sell you any of them ($3,700-$28,000): Kevin Barrett, Roger Bowie, William Evans, Bruce Paul Fink, Harry Gordon, Will Harrington, Niki Ketchman, Elliot Offner, James Osman, Anthony Padovano, Justin Perlman, James Vose, Jonathan Waters, Stewart Watson and Brian Wendler. Some are recognizable, like the horse or young girl, but others are wrapped trees, scrunched metal, laced up, geometry on a bench, cut logs or the favorite - Dana Stewart’s bronze beast family perched on a large outcropping of rock: meet Teaser, Small Nondescript Beast with Horns, Fang and Oliver.