USS Nautilus and U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum

1 Crystal Lake Road, Groton

I-95 Exit 86, Connecticut

800-343-0079, 860-694-3174

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USS Nautilus and U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum – The story of the US Navy’s “Silent Service” and “sharks of steel” is depicted here, starting from Bushnell’s Turtle, which served in the American Revolution.

David Bushnell, from CT, developed a hand powered submarine called the Turtle, which tried to attach a 150-lb explosive charge to the British HMS Eagle hull in the NY harbor. The attempt failed.

Learn about the modern Seawolf, Los Angeles and Ohio class submarines and get hands-on in a control room (from the USS Bill Fish), or try one of the 3 periscopes.

The highlight of your experience here is boarding the Nautilus, the U.S.’s first nuclear powered submersible and the first ship to make it to the North Pole. You must go to see how the men slept, figure out where they kept their clothes and gear and imagine 120 of them cooped up here. 

May-Oct, Wed-Mon 9-5, Nov-Apr, Wed-Mon 9-4.